Electric Cannon 50cm - Empty

Electric Cannon 50cm - Empty


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    - The electric cannons contain no fireworks. The confetti or streamers are flame proof.

    - Always use a cannon clamp with certified safety cable to secure the cannon.
    - Only control the electric cannons with the MAGICFX® Powershot.
    - Point upwards away from face and body. Never aim at another person.

    - Select angle for Cannon that suits ceiling height or surrounding conditions.

    - Do not throw this Cannon, it contains a pressured container.
    - Do not store near a source of heat or in direct sunlight.
    - This is not a toy and must be handled by responsible adult persons at all times 


    Shoot confetti or streamers of your choice into the air with this empty electric shooter. You can fill these empty electric cannons with the confetti or streamers of your choice.* Check out the filling options below.

    Paper confetti 90 g
    Metallic confetti 100 g
    Streamers 5 m x 0,85 cm 65 pcs

    *one time use

    Box quantity: 20 pcs